davidgiunta_1414035557_75David M. Giunta was born and raised Elyria, an Ohio town thirty miles west of Cleveland. His mother served as the President of the City Council and head of the town’s Finance Committee in addition to working as a teacher at a local high school. David’s father, also a teacher, was the long-time basketball coach of Elyria Catholic. He amassed an amazing 329 wins over this 22 years at Elyia Catholic and was elected to the Ohio Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 1991. David’s modest childhood keeps him grounded and has had a marked impact on the man and professional he is today. Never having anything handed to him, David truly appreciates the value of hard work. He chose to attend Ohio University where he earned a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Accounting and minoring in Business Law.

After graduation, he joined a CPA firm, one of the largest in the state of Ohio, but was soon recruited to join the prestigious firm, Arthur Andersen, in Los Angeles. At Arthur Andersen, he worked within the audit department working with an array of Fortune 500 companies for several years. He then transitioned to financial planning, founding and marketing several proprietary hedge funds. In all, David and his business partner were able to raise upwards of $100 million.

David Giunta went on to found BlackPlum LLC where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. BlackPlum is a Newport Beach-based real estate investment firm that works to acquire properties in the $5 million-$10 million range that will generate tax-efficient and consistent income and will appreciate in the long-run.

Outside of his career, David Giunta enjoys spending time with his wonderful family, traveling the globe, and fine dining. David and his wife, whom he married nearly fifteen years ago, are the proud parents of their five talented children.  He enjoys staying active with his children and teaching them the in and outs of basketball and other sports as David’s father did during his own childhood in Elyria.  As a family, they have traveled extensively, having visited London, Greece, and a number of Italian cities. Citing his heritage, the rich culture, and its fantastic cuisine, David considers Italy to be his favorite travel destination.

David Giunta is an active member of Watermark Church. With the help of the church, he has demonstrated his commitment in making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Over the years, he has started a shoe drive for Christmas that helped improve the less fortunate children of nearby Santa Ana.  Additionally, David and his family also recently adopted a family. He founded a bible study group several years ago, which nearly twenty men attend regularly. Furthemore, David was vital in the church’s recent capital campaign that raised more than $1 million.  This sense of commitment extends to all members of the family as David’s daughter requested to go on a mission trip for her tenth birthday.

David Giunta also serves on the board of directors for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, a cause that is close to his heart. He holds a keen sensitivity for the well-being of children with special needs, and has dedicated his time resources to benefit these children and this organization. The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County is committed to helping children with down syndrome learn in a different and effective manner. David and his wife are ardent advocates of the integration as opposed to separation of children with down syndrome from their peers. Children learn from the peers, and, thus, those with down syndrome should attend a typical class.  In fact, David’s son was the first child with down syndrome to be placed in mainstream classes.