David M. Giunta

CPA, Founder & CEO of BlackPlum LLC

The World-Class Restaurants of Napa Valley

Wine Country in California is one of the most relaxing destinations in all of America. With such a large variety of wines and drinks to choose from, any true connoisseur understands the importance of properly pairing a wine with a meal. Napa Valley does not come short when it comes to foods, restaurants, or, unsurprisingly, […]

The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County: How You Can Give Back

“Down syndrome is the most common genetic variation, occurring in about one of every 691 live births. Approximately 400,000 people living in the United States have Down syndrome. Although researchers have not yet determined its cause, we know that Down syndrome results from an extra 21st chromosome and affects people of all ages, races and […]

Five Must-See Museums in Italy

Europe, as it relates to western culture, is the mecca of great art and culture. People from across the planet pay a hefty fee to travel thousands of miles to have the chance to view the sites of France, the UK, and other European nations. Italy, which served as the birthplace of the renaissance, is […]

Top Seven Golfing Apps

Visulax Golf ($4.99) Being that golf is 90 percent mental, Visualx devoted all of their efforts to seamlessly providing everything from visualization and relaxation techniques to managing courses and blocking distractions. Visualx incorporates the left and right brain tendencies to accomplish daily goals, rate your progress and send you notes. Consider Visualx your own sports […]


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