“Down syndrome is the most common genetic variation, occurring in about one of every 691 live births. Approximately 400,000 people living in the United States have Down syndrome. Although researchers have not yet determined its cause, we know that Down syndrome results from an extra 21st chromosome and affects people of all ages, races and economic levels.” – DSF of Orange County

Down Syndrome Foudnation of Organce County

Mission: Continue creating opportunities for children with down syndrome.

The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County values the ability to foster amazing relationships within the DSF community. The mission is to serve those with Down Syndrome by developing their educational and social skills. The foundation continues to support programs that deliver partnership to individuals, families,  professionals and communities willing to partner with the Down Syndrome Foundation of OC. DSF collaborates with various organizations whose sole mission is to enhance learning models to suite their members.

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The Learning Program

Down Syndrome Foundation’s primary program, The Learning Program offers several programs to support students with Down Syndrome and their families.

Learning Program Orange County (LP OC) Classrooms that range from level 1 – 6 offering programs for parents and children. The LP OC is delivered through Newport Beach and runs from September – June every year.

Goal: To empower parent advocate in behalf of their children and improve their academic abilities. The Learning Program Orange Court delivers a formal instruction habitat in literacy, Math and includes occupational and Speech therapy.

Learning Program Online (LP online) Is the online community that supports the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. Learning Program online utilizes online webinars to replicate the same mission as the face-to-face learning program.

Goal: Through this online community you are able to access families throughout the world. Participants are able to join live sessions in real time and foster exciting relationships with those who share the same mission.

Learning Program Community Classroom (LP Community Classroom) Is an open community that delivers resources and information. These sessions are face-to-face and can only be offered during regular Learning Program OC sessions and or Stand alone seminars.

Goal: The Community classroom supports families and professionals from extended communities who are interesting in specific Learning Program topics but cannot commit to the full 10 month program.

Learning Program After-School Enrichment  This is a two hour after school program also known as Learning Program After School Academy. This program is intended to provide homework help, tutoring and social skill building.

Gold: Credentialed teachers and professionals provide therapy to students, peers and volunteers. The program enables hands on support for students and allows them to interact with others in their community.

Learning Program’s Teen Time Offers opportunities for youth ages 11-17 where various targeted programs don’t exist. Teen Time offers Learning Program resources, focusing on tutoring, social skills and relationship building for teens.

Learning Program National This program serves over 8,700 parents and professionals. The Learning Program allows them to work more efficiently with students who have Down Syndrome and improve their visual learning strengths.

Learning Program Partners This program’s goal is to solely share educational resources and strategies with other Down Syndrome groups so they can deliver to the Down Syndrome community in other areas.
See LP Partners for more information.