Wine Country in California is one of the most relaxing destinations in all of America. With such a large variety of wines and drinks to choose from, any true connoisseur understands the importance of properly pairing a wine with a meal. Napa Valley does not come short when it comes to foods, restaurants, or, unsurprisingly, wine selection. Here are the top restaurants in the Valley, which are guaranteed to make your time in Napa and unforgettable one.

The first on the list is The French Laundry, which offers medley of American and French foods expertly paired with some of the finest wines Napa Valley has to offer. A fan favorite since 1994 is the Oysters and Pearls dish. This dish contains tapioca pearls and a few oysters with caviar and creamy sabayon. This dish has been a staple of the restaurant and is a must-order for any first-time visitor to the restaurant.

Next on the list is The Restaurant at Meadowood. The only other three Michelin-star rated the restaurant on the West Coast, besides the French Laundry, the Meadowood offers exceptional food that draws its inspiration from across the globe. The menu is almost overwhelming as each dish sounds, and is, as delicious as the last. Furthermore, the wine selection is world-class. If you are on a budget but still want to experience the delicacies of The Restaurant at Meadowood, visit their much-more-affordable, but equally delicious bar lounge.

The coziest and most comfortable member of this is Bistro Jeanty. This bistro, situated in a small but charming town of Yountville, offers an incredible tomato soup puff pastry and a stunning collection of local wines which can be enjoyed in their outdoor patio area.

Zuzu - Napa Valley

Zuzu is a bit of an anomaly with regards to the culinary scene in Napa Valley. Many restaurants are french inspired, which pairs nicely with the extensive wine collections that Napa has to offer. Zuzu, however, is a Spanish tapas restaurant and boasts an extensive collection of wine that perfectly complements their Iberian dishes. The restaurant does not take reservations, but it’s well worth the wait.

Another top-notch restaurant in Napa Valley is Solbar. Like Zuzu, this is one of the few top-rated Napa restaurants that does not feature contemporary French cuisine. Solbar is uniquely designed with modern, sleek look and has an amazing backyard patio. The restaurant offers a great deal of the hardest-to-come-by local wines.

You may be surprised to find the Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, a traditional BBQ, American restaurant, on this list of highly-refined world class restaurants. But make no mistake, the food at Farmstead is top-notch. It has gained popularity in recent years due to the freshness of its food. Believe it or not, the cows are actually raised on site, as are the chickens. The restaurant also grows their own fruits and vegetables, and even produce their own olive oil. It may not be a popular location for wine lovers, but it is the best for a classic American BBQ in the region.