Visulax Golf ($4.99)

Being that golf is 90 percent mental, Visualx devoted all of their efforts to seamlessly providing everything from visualization and relaxation techniques to managing courses and blocking distractions. Visualx incorporates the left and right brain tendencies to accomplish daily goals, rate your progress and send you notes. Consider Visualx your own sports psychologist.

SwingSmart ($249)

Swing Smart - Golf While this may seem pricey compared to the other options on this list, SwingSmart can be well worth it if you are looking for instant quality feedback from renowned golf teacher Peter Kostis. Peter Kostis also known as Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher offers various tips on ways to correct common golfing bad habits and mistakes. These video tips are made viewable to you after you have used the app and SwingSmart club sensor to upload your detailed, 3-D swing data onto your smartphone or tablet.

Golf Rules Quick Reference 2012-2015 ($9.99)

How is it possible to keep track of every rule during a game of golf? This digital application helps you get a handle on them, including recent changes, and yes it is in real time. Answers and solutions to your ongoing disputes in the tee box or the hazard come in a matter of a few seconds. Utilize the interactive tool called a Relief Finder, it will tell you if you really deserve that free drop.

My Pro To Go (free)

Personalized instructions have to be the most useful and powerful aspect of this mobile application. So here is the deal, film your swing from two angles – from the side and from – and then just simply upload the video. Within the next 24 hours, you’ll receive extremely detailed frame-by-frame feedback from a certified instructor. This will include customized drills, and an interactive follow-up session, along with access to a video library of your past lessons, and drawing tools that you can use on yourself and your friends.How is that for a free golfing lesson?

Swing by Swing Golf GPS Rangefinder (

You can now receive access to over 34,000 courses worldwide. Some perks while utilizing this free application include accurate distances to the centers of greens and to hazards, all with a simple swipe of the screen (for free of course). If you invest $14-per-year into the application, the upgrade offers distances to the fronts and backs of greens and also allows you to track vital playing stats. Swing by Swing is available on iPhone, Android, and most BlackBerry phones.

Golfshot: Golf GPS (

Golfshot is a $29.99 given map of any course that has a clear aerial image from Google or Bing maps, which is equivalent to about 38,000 courses worldwide. TouchPoint positioning gives the distance to any point from tee to green, with up to 40 targets per hole.

WGT Golf Lite (free)

This escapist application allows the daydreamer in you to play a match against your buddies on a virtually mapped layout that looks surprisingly real. In WGT Golf Lite, you are able to pit your skills against your opponent, but compare your skills on a global roster. The current version has two striking courses: the Ocean course at Kiawah and Wolf Creek in Mesquite. Moreover, additional features like peer-to-peer challenges and tournaments will be arriving soon.